The Dark Side

Anyone can fall to the Dark Side, but those who wield the Force are far more prone to it. As stated elsewhere, once you are completely corrupted, you belong to the Dark Side and will no longer function as a Player Character in the game.

What follows are Dark Side Powers that can be learned and used by any Force user. Every time a character uses one of these Powers, they must immediately test to resist Dark Side taint.

Furthermore, the Modifier for using the Power also applies to the resistance test.

Core Rules Powers That are “Dark Side”

Blast, Bolt, Burst, Damage Field, Fear, Lower Trait, Zombie

Note that if Puppet or Telekinesis are used in a particularly evil or ruthless way, they are also considered Dark Side.

Change to Bolt

Bolt – fires a single bolt that does 2d6 damage with no modifier, 2d8 damage with -1 modifier, and 2d10 damage with -2 modifier.

The Force

The Dark Side

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