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Savage Star Wars

This game is utilizing Savage Worlds with some online supplements I found for Star Wars. The setting itself is not traditional Star Wars, nor what can be expected from the Old Republic setting. I have changed many things along the way (along with some assumptions) and mixed in some details I like from other Sci-Fi settings.

Some changes:

  • My Star Wars, my Galaxy Far, Far Away: No Gungans, no Ewoks, no Jawas, and no cute/useless dumb caricature aliens.
  • Not canonical – The Empire may rise, but probably not in the way it happened in the movies/books – I haven’t read any Star Wars novels other than the Thrawn series, and that was a long time ago.
  • Midi-chlorians are dumb and non-existent
  • Han shoots first


Characters start with 5 Attribute points and 20 skill points. All characters may take either take Force Sensitive or select any one other Edge for free. For Humans, this is in addition to the Free Edge they already start with. Choosing a Free Edge in this instance, you may ignore Rank Requirements (but you must still otherwise qualify for it). No droids.

Main Page

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